East Africa’s Worthiest Country Will Hold Elections Tomorrow

Many countries hold their general elections after a given period in a process to look for new leadership or revolution.

Countries hold their general elections every five or ten years depending on their constitution.

Kenya, being a democratic society, holds their general elections after every five years.

The country is planning to do their election on 9th August 2022 which will be on Tuesday.

Its citizens are in the race to choose a leader who will wipe out very rampant corruption, hunger, and poor regime.

At times like this, the country faces a mass movement of people from towns to rural because of fear of violence and crime which is caused by some evil leaders and their allies.

We are desiring that this general election be a peaceful one, with no bloodshed or violence.

Watch The Video Of A Woman Being Beaten By Her Partner

#gender based violence

If you have watch the video, you have seen a woman being beaten like a ‘ghost’ or like a none living thing by one man while his friend is taking a video. The man seems very ugly and courageous as if he is doing something important to his life.

Do this men who like fighting their wives or girlfriend after they have messed up know that there is a better methods of solving problems in a peaceful manner?

What I do advice those men who like beating their wives or that, “If she makes you ugly just let her go and get a better one if there is”.

Beating a woman can get you jailed forever.

Women were created to be loved but not to be beaten.

♦️The Bondage of Pornography

Whatever you feed your mind with, captivates you! With just the click on your phone or remote control or computer mouse, a person can instantly enter a fantasy world of sexual promiscuity. As television programs and movies become more explicit and Internet access becomes unlimited, the seductive domain of pornography, where all sorts of erotica

♦️The Bondage of Pornography

Watching adult contents are mostly watched by youth and few adults who have no manners of the world.

Watching those videos makes you entertained not knowing how you are endangering your health and future marriage.

From the research, watching porns for a long time makes you lose desire for sexual matters with the other gender. You see it unworthy to ask for good moments with them while you can do it yourself in your room.

Watching sex tapes is immoral before God. This involves undressing people, and have sex with them in spiritual world.

It encourages sex between the same gender which is prohibited by God.

Once you start watching these videos it becomes very hard stop it. Pornography is addictive.

It is time consuming. This comes when instead of working for a better future, you spent most of your time watching sex videos.


Your future lies in your hands. But it will be better to stop for your better future.

If you are trying to leave porns but all in pain, try to look for an adviser/doctor and get help.

Singer Bahati Plans To Vie For president

Mtoto wa mama singer bahati phttps://youtu.be/A8GOUPmd5Tslans to vie for President in the near future.

During an interview in a Tanzanian presenter, Bahati disclosed that, come 2037, he will be a president if this country.

Although he has not yet secured the current member if parliament sear, he is has a dream of becoming the president of Kenya in 17 years time.


Why Kenya Is Experiencing A State Of Unrest In The Coming Days

PHOTO courtesy ft.com

Kenya is an East African country which works under democracy system of governance.

Kenya does their elections after every five years in order to elect the new leaders in an attempt to seek revolution.

PHOTO courtesy crf.org

The country experiences political wars and commotions reading to many deaths, lose of jobs, displacement of people from their own lands and deterioration of country’s economy.

As the country plans to operate their general elections on 9th of August 2022, the country has started experiencing mass movement and panic as its citizens tries to look for a safe place to dwell on and hide their properties.

Kenya has two close competitors who are trying to win the hearts of Kenyans and with the presidential position.

PHOTO Raila vs Ruto cnn.com

Rt.Hon. Raila Odinga of ODM party and Hon. William Samuel Ruto of UDA party one of them is likely to win the presidential seat and the second becomes the country’s opposition leader.

PHOTO Ruto, Uhuru, Raila: premiumtimesng.com

The outgoing president His excellency Uhuru Kenyatta has made every effort to make sure the country stays calm before, during, and after the elections period.

If the country maintains peace during this election time, the outgoing government will be the first to leave the country at a peaceful state since independence.

My First Job Interview

All what scared me was the interview questions and talking direct with the recruiter. I had taken a whole day cramming the interview questions and the possible answers which I was to give back.

The exact day and time finally came. I prepared myself in order to arrive at the venue at the right time; an hour before the session began.

On arriving, the organization was very quiet, workers were very busy doing their daily cores, two males and a female where sited at the reception desk. Upon talking with them, they were also coming for the same interview.

That made me restless because I felt I was not fully prepared to face the manager, the only papers I had were a degree certificate and a CV which was only made for a fresh graduate with no much experience. I felt “worthless”.

The time for the interview came and passed, only the shortlisted candidates where to be contacted. I felt like I had lost it all and I made my mind to forget that interview.

Three days down the line, I got an email “congratulation….”. I was to start working immediately.

Life Lessons

God is always there for those who don’t have and trusting in him is the best you can give.

How To Make Ksh 5,000 Per Day

With money, you can get anything you want, and live the life you want because money can buy anything

There are many ways or methods you can use and get the money you want. Some of them requires a lot of energy while others requires the use of your mind and you get the amount of money you want.

If you want to make good money without getting tired, you are reading the right article.

How To Make Ksh 5,000 Per Day

1. Search on how you can invest online. Most of the youths and campus students have mastered the methods of making money online. Online jobs doesn’t require a lot of investment. You need either a phone or a laptop and a strong internet

2. Invest in crypto currency. There are many legit platforms which sell crypto currency and make you reap good money from it. If you are interested with this sites, try your luck in Binance.com and coinbase. I have tried both of them and they are perfect.

3. Why are you not Blogging?

Many people started have started blogging as a part time jobs, full time jobs while others like me are doing it for leisure. You can also have one.


There are many ways you can use to earn money online and live a life. What you need is a good research and get a coach to train you about what you want to do.

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