My Blogging Journey.

Without fear and bing clear, I never knew what blogging was for my last 25 years. That means I’m above 25 right! Now, my 26th year came, January, February, and March, the famous and one of the most feared diseases called COVID-19 engulfed my country. I was fired from my working place and I had to look for an alternative so that I may continue paying my bills.

Since moving from town to town, office to office was not possible due to the country’s lockdown, I had to look for a different side hustle, the one which could allow me to work from home and at the same time use the minimum capital as possible.

That time, I had not purchased a laptop and so I had to use my smartphone. I started looking for online jobs. This was not a smooth journey because I had to pass through a lot of “online scammers” who luckily siphoned some cash from me.

As I was struggling with scammers, I came to reach the point of quitting just because my budget was running low.

It came to a point that I wanted to know the differences between blogging and freelancing. After knowing the differences, the same day I built my first blog.

I mostly use my blog for fun because I’ve not yet bought my blog domain but I know one day, things will change for the better and money will come.

Best Device For Blogging; Smartphones Laptops, or Desktops.

Everyone needs to enjoy his or her working environment. Having the right device for blogging makes it very easy and brings a lot of fun.

Different bloggers have different tastes with different devices; t ere are those who like to use smartphones, laptops, and others prefer desktops which are also key.

Before buying any device for blogging,  bloggers do look for these key features;

Storage space.
For a blogging device, space must be one of the key factors to consider. A blogging device should have a huge space.

Battery life.
A device that stores power for a long time should be the best to purchase.

RAM determines the speed of a device. The bigger the RAM the faster the device.

If you are yet to determine the best device for blogging, this article is for you.


Smartphones are very potable and flexible meaning you can carry them anywhere anytime. When it comes to blogging, smartphones are not the best. Most of them tend to overheat if you use them for a long time. Smartphones always have low storage space which makes it hard to keep important documents for a long time.

Smartphone batteries are always very week and they can’t store power for a long time.


Laptops may be the best devices for a blogging career. When you compare them with smartphones, laptops have high speed and huge storage space. Their battery life is very high meaning you can use them for a long time without switching off.


Desktops are not more efficient as compared to laptops. The most setback for desktops is they are not portable meaning you cannot move around with them. They also require a direct supply of electricity since they lack compatible batteries.

Bottom line:
Every blogger has his or her best blogging device. Others may say that all the devices are good for them which is also key.

How To Stay Motivated While Blogging.

Blogging is a way of expressing one’s views, feelings, or passion. For one to become a blogger, he or she should have a blog. The blog can be privately owned or rented out by another person.

In a blog, you have to look for a niche also called a topic on which you are most fit for meaning you won’t get problems working with your blog.

Choosing the wrong niche can lead to a lack of morale and hence underperformance of your blog.

Many bloggers always have different reasons which forced them to launch their blogs. Some do that it’s their passion while others creating blogs to promote their hustle. Let it be passion or hustle, the end product is money because you cannot invest your money in some stuff that won’t bring profit.

Now to stay motivated while blogging.
1. Write when you are ready. Creating enough time to work on your blog assist in gathering content for the headline you are going to write about and this will reduce the risk of having shallow content.

2. Comment and like other blogs. When you leave a comment to one’s blog, he or she will also review your blog and leave a comment or alike. This will help in growing your blog traffic.

3. Make your blog very stunning by using good themes and templates.

4. Choose a profitable blog niche. It’s very heartbreaking to have a blog with no visitors or the daily clicks are very few.

Blogging is like preaching. You have to tell people what they want to hear but not what you have in your mind. Choose a blog niche that is both marketable and profitable.

How To Make Your Blog Generate Enough Money For Your Retirement Period

Most of the bloggers can openly admit that blogging is a very profitable career. Anyone can make a good income from it although every career requires some passion and commitment.
Anyone with good English can start a blogging mission and within a couple of times, he or she starts generating some money from it.

Many newbie things that blogging is a get-rich faster online staff, but the truth is that all it depends with the blog inch and the owner’s commitment towards developing his or blog. Some blog niches are very much profitable than others meaning they can get traffic faster than others and hence increase your capital earnings and there are those niches that can take months or years become getting reasonable traffic no matter how hard you work with your blog. You can still read the most profitable blog niches in this blog.

How to make your blog generate enough money for your retirement period.

First of all, you need to know why you want to start your blog; some people do start blogs to promote their passion or hobbies while others build blogs for business practices. In this article, we want to create a blog for money.

Select your blog niche. A niche is a topic that your blog will be dealing with. This may be about sports, entertainment, food, cars, health, etc. Out of all these many niches, select which is best for you. A good niche is rich in content and marketable because, at the end of the day, we want to get money.

Get a good domain name. A domain name should always be short and easy to remember. If you want to get traffic all over the world, make sure you buy a domain with a .com ending. There are others like .net, .me, .online, etc.

Write quality articles. Always do thorough research before writing your article to avoid misreading others and harming your blog. Quality content will also help your blog be noticed by SEO and may be promoted.

Look for as many easy to monetize your blog as possible. You can use google ads, sponsored ads, affiliate marketing, online stores, and many more.

Devote yourself to your blog the way you could have committed yourself if you were employed by someone else.

Always look for a mentor to be guiding you to improve your blog.

Remember to help other bloggers to reach the level you are because helping is caring.

Love your work and pray to your God to bless your hustle.

Best Blogging Sites 2021.

Blogging is one of the lucrative jobs to do in 2021. You can make blogging as part-time or full-time employment and still make good money from it. You can be surprised by the many blogs on the internet nowadays where youths are making millions of money.

Blogging can be a hobby or career but at the end of the day, you get home with some cash.
In 2021, there have emerged many blogging sites; both free and paid platforms where a beginner or blogger can choose depending on his or her main reason to start a blog.

In blogging, bloggers can make money through different methodologies
which may include running sponsored ads, ads revenue, running online stores with e-commerce, and or affiliate marketing.

Best blogging sites 2021.

This is open-source software for bloggers. It has many plugins and templates which a blogger can use to customize the blog to his or her taste. It offers customer care services 24/7 which is good for newbies. It offers unique SEO features.
Its main barrier is that it required some investment in hosting your blog and buying a domain.

2. and are very different platforms. You can read their differences within my blog too. ie free version I WordPress. You cannot make money with ad revenue because the owner does run their ad on it but you can do affiliate marketing.

Blogger tool is one of the best free blogging platforms. It is owned by Google and so you don’t need to host your blog with another platform. You can make money in blogger through Google ads.

Bloggers have some limitations as you can’t access free templates and you cannot customize your blog to your taste.

Tumblr Is a free hosting site where bloggers can share their articles with other bloggers. It’s not easy to monetize your blog with ad revenue or any other monetizing methods.

Typepad is beginner-friendly and good for those with no coding experience. It offers a range of themes and plugins meaning you can build a blog according to your preferences.

We have looked at the best blogging sites 2021 but if you think we have left some important platforms you can still request us to include them in this article.

So far, the best platforms to make many with while blogging remains to be WordPress and blogger. com

In you can make money by running sponsored ads, offering an online store with e-commerce, ads revenue, and doing affiliate marketing.
In blogger, you make money by ad revenue with Google AdSense.