How TO Monetize Your Blog Faster As A Newbie And Start Earning With PopAds.Net.

Have you ever wondered how a newbie can monetize his/her blog faster if they have low traffic or few posts. You are in the right platform. Today, I want to show you how to monetize your one month or some weeks old blog and get approved within 24 hours.


popads dashboad is Adsense alternative for bloggers.Its good for newbies or bloggers who have problems being approved by Adsense or other ads companies. The god thing is that you get paid weekly once you reach a maximum of 5$. does’t give strict rules or procedures during registration or getting the ads codes like Adsense where you have to provide plagiarism free posts ,high traffic and many words in a post.

To register with, you need to have a PayPal Account where your money will be paid through.

Once You register , you can add as many blogs as you have as long as the blogs are different or fall under different niches.

Also, you can register as both a publisher as well as an advertiser and this gives you double advantages if you have only one blog and you with to have different streams of income.

Thank you for your time.

Programming Vs Blogging; Which Is Better?

With rise in technology, many people and businesses have started to cope with online transactions and e-commerce.

Digitalization have also created online jobs where people can sell their products or promote other peoples products and get paid. Others like doing online survey, creating websites, logos, videos and apps also came to exist.

I’m happy to tell you that, all the above staffs are made through programs by programmers who are specialised in programming languages.

Now, any serious programmer must have a blog where s/he will be uploading their program for others to read and let the programmer gain passive income after monetizing the blog with ads, affiliation, etc.

Programming vs blogging;which is better?

Let me start with blogging. Blogging is good because it lets you gain money even when you are a sleep. What you need is some articles in your blog which is monetized and that’s all.

Programming is better that blogging. Why? Because once you learn a skill like developing apps, or games that’s all. Just think of a person who developed Facebook or Twitter;how much money do they earn per hour, some millions , right but you can’t get a million with a blog in one day right.

Other thing, as a programmer, you can be developing some simple projects and put them in your blog which is an added advantage.


Programming is a skill, blogging is a career. Just invest in any programming language depending on the skills you would like to gain and develop from there.

Google Adsense Altanative For Websites And Blogs.

Google Adsense is the best platform for displaying Ads on blogs and websites. However, because of its trick rules and complicated methods followed before getting approved to display Google ads, many publishers have started using other ads networks in place of Adsense.

some advertising platforms use /give the same services like Google Adsense while others give some unique services like text ads.

Google Adsense alternative

  1. is an alternative to google Adsense and gives same services as the Adsense. It is owned by Yahoo/Bing. You can create your own ads or let decide the ads to display on your blog. It gives Native advertising, display advertising, mobile advertising and video advertising.
  2. Amazon Associates. Amazon Associates has its own contextual advertising ads called Native Shopping Ads. Amazon automatically displayed its ads on your blog based on the content on each post or page. if a person clicks on those ads and makes purchase, you get paid a commission of that product.
  3. propellerAds. propellerAds helps you to monetize your blog with different ads formats like Native banners and smart links. propeller Ads gives weekly payouts with minimum payment amount of $5. No minimum traffic is required and there fore makes it good for small publishers.
  4. Yllix.
  5. Ad Exchange(ADX)

Advandages And Disadvandages Of Using Google Adsense For Publishers.

one of the best ways to make money online as a blogger is by displaying Ads in your blog. One of the best contextual advertising platforms is google Adsense. Actually, Google Adsense is the most used platform for contextual advertising by websites and bloggers worldwide.

Adsense gives publishers a way to monetize their online content and traffic by making it easy for publishers to put Ads on their websites or blogs. Since its launch in 2003, Google Adsense has acquired millions of active users and they are still increasing every day meaning it’s the best.

on the other side, Google Adsense has its shortcomings like, if you are a beginner or you are trying to develop your website or blog, it’s very difficult to get approved by Google Adsense. Google Adsense requires a long and complicated process if you want to monetize your website with them. You need to have plagiarism-free content if you want to work with Google Adsense to display their Ads on your blog. LargeLerge number of traffic is needed by Google Adsense.

Once you monetize your website with Google Adsense ,you are not allowed to use any other Ads network in the same blog or website which is a total lose for publishers as their main aim is to get the maximum profit from their website or blogs. The minimum amount of money that you can be paid by Google Adsense is $100.This gives beginners a long working duration before they can hit that minimum withdrawal amount.

Above all that, your blog or website can be terminated or blocked for reasons ranging from violating their policy rules to click fraud.


if your best source of income is by using ads on your site, there are many other Ads alternatives to Google Adsense. You can also use other methods to monetize your blog apart from using Ads. Methods like affiliation, selling digital products and reviewing online products,, and many more.

Top Best Ad Network For Publishers

If you are a blogger either using blogger , WordPress , or any other platform, you know how important ad networks when it comes to monetizing your blog or website without affecting the user experience.

There are many ways to monetize your blog like affiliation but the best way is to place ads in your blog and start earning passive income with just little efforts.

Today, we are going to talk about some of the best ads networks which you can use in your and start earning in a short while. These ads network and best in terms of payout and handling.

Best ads network for bloggers.


Adsense is the best ad network for publishers worldwide. It is used by most publishers and bloggers. It is one of the biggest and the best ads provider. To get approved by adsense, it requires to follow strict guidelines and procedures but since it’s owned by google, you end up getting the best and quality ads which are user friendly. The minimum payment in adsense is $100 which is easy to get if you have big traffic and quality content.

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is the popular ads network for all types of bloggers for faster approval and payments. It offers CPM, CPA, and CPC ad programs. The minimum payout in propeller ads is 100$ through payza and Payoneer. Its problem is that you cannot use it with free blogs i.e, you must use a customized blog unlike Adstellar where you can use your free blogger blog


Popads is premium ad network for small publishers which gives instant approval during registration. It gives a better CPM rate than other publishers and no minimum traffic is required. It has the lowest payout of 5$ unlike other ads network who give large threshold. The payments are through payoneer and Paypal.

It is another ads network which serves both new and established blogger . It offers CPM, CPA, and C PC programs. Media,net is powered by Bing and Yahoo. It gives minimum payout of 100$ through paypal and wed money.

All these ads network are very good in delivering the best ads to your platform. Choosing the best ad network depending on your blog and the taste of ads is all what matters. By choosing the right ad network you can earn form 10$ to 200$ a day with ads only.


They give high converting ad formats like push ads, native ads, video and banner ads. They offer CPM, CPA, and CPC progams.