How you can be a millionaire in less than 10 years

How you can be a millionaire in less than 10 years Download Now

Save a portion of what tou earn per day or per month.

Invest your income by creating a side hustle. This maybe online businesses or developing some kind of business around your home like farming crops or rearing of chickens.

Stop being idol but instead, look for something to do which at the end of the day will bring some money into your pocket.

How To Succeed In Your Small Business.

Starting a business is very good if you have capital to invest. This doesn’t mean you have to invest your $10,000 or to have high stock.

If you wish to start a business in the future, you must read this article and make sure you understand it very clearly.

First, make sure you invest the money which you can be okay if you lose. Don’t put all of your money into a new business because not every business is always worthy to blossom.

Start a business that you have an idea about it. But if you know of a profitable business and you have no knowledge of it, you can hire a person who knows more about it and most importantly, a trustworthy person.

Start a business that you can control. If you don’t have enough managerial skills about a business you wish to start, it’s important to start with small stock and then grow as you gain more skills.

Start with what you have. For example, if you have money to buy the stock but you don’t have the vehicle, don’t wait until you own that vehicle so that you can launch your business.

Change your attitude. Self-trust is very good. You should not be held back by the thinking that, you can’t start a business.

Bottom line.

If you have money, the only barrier to own a business is just you. Take courage, acquire a place, and kickstart the freedom of being your boss.

Donald Trump Has Made The History Again on 14th January 2021.

Donald Trump Has Made The History Again on 14th January 2021. Download Now

10 of his republican members joined 222 democrat members and made 232-197 house vote. He was accused of inciting his supporters to cause riot and stormed the Capitol which is a seat for US Congress.

He has made the history of being the first American presitendto be impeached twice in one term.

His impeachment is going to be tried by the senate after leaving the office on 20th January, 2021.

Democrat party leader Joe Biden will be sworn in on 20th January 2021 as the 46th president of America.

Signs That you may Remain Poor In your Life

Signs That you may Remain Poor In your Life Download Now

This article takes you through some things which can make you poor any time soon.

No one dreams to stay poor in life but some behaviors and lifestyles can affect one largely to an extent that they end up bankrupt.

Accumulating debts. Filling many debts together thinking you will pay for them later can affect can affect your finance. It’s good to pay the debts as soon as they occur.

Buying unnecessary things. Show off is very bad. Buying expensive cars, a home theater, or a big smart tv to show to your friends is a wastage of money keeping in mind that the things you buy will never bring back any money you had spent.

Taking pity loans. When having a little emergency, stop rush for bank loans but instead, choose to acquire from your family and friends. This will be somehow cheap as there will be no interest rates attached.

Spenting more money than what you receive.

How COVID-19 Changed My Life.

Coronavirus erupted in the world in the year 2019 with a lot of threatening to human life. I remember the way it was people were discussing it on social media and how it was being shown on television. Everyone thought the world was over.

But here we are although many innocent people were taken by it and they are now on the other world. Rest in peace, we loved you very much.

But now the lucky ones, the disease came into the world to teach us some life lessons.

Online jobs. I can confidently swear that I have never thought of online jobs until the phrase”work from home” started circulating on social platforms. That’s when I started searching for legitimate online jobs and I finally got some. That’s when I came to know the meaning of a blog and I also got one although not well developed.

Saving. Covid-19 helped me to know the importance of saving. Employment jobs are never permanent and saving a portion of your income can greatly help you when you lose your current job or when you have a financial emergency.

Self hustle. Never depend entirely on the monthly payments. Having a side hustle can help you at times of emergencies like the one which was brought up by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Hidden skills. Coronavirus came to help those who have different skills. Staying at home during the lockdown, I realized I had some farming skills. I plant some kales around my home compound and I could stay without buying them at the grocery.

Thanks for your time.

Best Business Ideas To Help You Grow Faster.

After following all the necessary steps required to launch your business, now it’s time to manage it. If you don’t manage your business well, it’s more likely to collapse and make you suffer more losses.

Most people tend to underestimate small businesses and fail to follow the right procedures necessary for the business to thrive well.

In this article, I’m going to give you the best business ideas which you can employ in business and watch them blossom faster than before.

Keep records.

Writing down what comes in or goes out of your business will help you to manage your stock and capital well. Keeping records of your debtors and creditors and their quantities will also help you to know the amount of cash flow in and out of your business.

Know your competitors.

Competitors are those people to who you offer the same goods or services. Noting how they do offer their services or the quality of their goods they sell out can help you improve to an extend of attracting their clients to you.

Listen to your customers.

For you to thrive well in doing business, you should be in a position to listen and do what your customers like, or else they will turn to other sellers.

Sacrificing yourself.

Opening your business once, twice, or thrice a week can make customers be bored of you. If you know you can’t make it throughout the week, it’s very good to be looking for someone and be paying him or her little cash.

Best Ideas Before Starting Any Business.

Launching a business is a process. That’s why you can’t wake up one day and open a business. If you are thinking of starting a business, check out for these essential factors.

Why you are starting the business.

There are long term and short term goals. A good business should be able to satisfy the both goals altogether.

The goods or services to offer.

There are abundant goods or market gaps you can bridge. Looking for the best services and which you will be interested to offer is very good.


Location is important when sighting your business. Launch your business at a place where it will be very easy for you to access it.

Business plan.

Business plan is a written document that states clearly what the business will be selling, the cost and the future goals. Business plan helps in determining the cost of your startup.

Source of capital.

You can’t start a business without capital. You must think of where you will be getting the money to sponsor your business during the startup and when on it’s tender age.

Advertising your business.

Advertising helps customers to know your business exists and get enough information about the goods or rhe services you do offer. This is the best way to attract more clients.

Best Ways To Save Money If You Have Low Income

Saving is very hard especially for people with very little monthly payments. But some people do manage to save something following this strict budget. Silo if you encounter challenges when saving money, try to follow some of these guidelines and you will see things working nice on your side.

1. Ensure you have a written budget.

Following written documents, it will be very difficult to overspend your money on necessary things.

2. Buy things you need rather than those you want.

There is very big difference between need and want. Needs are those things you can’t live without while wants are those things that are mostly for luxury. Make sure you buy the main things to avoid wastage of your money.

3. Consider cooking rather than going to an hotel.

As per my research, cooking at your home is cheaper than buying cooked food from a hotel or a cafeteria.

Best Sources Of Money For Startups.

Many people are running away from employment and venture into their own business. This is because everyone wants to enjoy the freedom that come with being your own boss.

With all of these, many entrepreneurs do face the big challenge of where to get the cash in order to launch their dream business. If you are one of those business men and women without the to capital to start your business,please don’t panic. In this article, I’m going to take you a step by step on how to get start that dream job started.

1. Selling of personal property.

If you have some equipment in your home which are not so important or are for luxury like Television, home theater, many sofas, etc and are worthy some cash, you can choose to sell them and launch your business. Then, you can buy your luxury again when your business blossoms.

2. Personal earnings.

If you’re working no matter what you do, take some of your income and buy some stock or goods you wish to sell. Start with little stock and start growing slowly.

3. Family and friends.

There must be that rich friend or family member. Ask him or her to finance you with little cash and then you can refund to them later. The advantage of these is that, some may finance you and require the money without the interest while others can finance you entirely free, without returning the money. Then there is this shortcoming of borrowing money from these people that, if you delays the refunding, your relationship might be destroyed forever.

4. Money vendors.

In your village or area, there is that rich person who is willing to rent money to business people. You can choose to request something from him or her and laugh watching your business blossom. The advantage of money vendors is that, apart from giving financial aid, they also provide business guidance because of their past experiences in the market.

Why Businesses Collapse At Their Early Stages Of Development.

No one wants to start a business that will languish soon. We wish to launch an enterprise that will flourish well and help us promote our career goals.

But with all those, a business failure is a must especially when the owner is not well organized and prepared to follow all the steps required to launch and run the dream business.

Here are some of the reasons why many businesses do fail at their early stages.

Poor Location.

Locating your enterprise far away from your target market can negatively affect your business. Not everyone in the streets is a customer, some people are always there having an adventure while others doing market surveys like you did before you started your business.

Future Goals.

Before you start a business, you should have either short term or long term goals to achieve. Don’t start a business to make cash from it. But for the passion of promoting our career, it can work.

Over Expansion.

There is a big difference between success and development. Starting many branches while your business is at its tender age can increase the expenditures because your business hasn’t got enough stamina to depend upon itself. These expenses will come in the form of paying more workers, paying for the rented houses, paying taxes, and acquiring more goods to stock all the branches. Make sure you wait until your business has made enough profit and got enough customers so that it can be the main source of money to finance additional enterprises.

Poor Management.

Many young businesses collapse due to mismanagement. If you have no idea on how to run your business, it’s advised to consult other persons offering the same service or employ someone to manage on your behalf.

Lack Of Capital.

If your business goes to an extent of becoming bankrupt, it is very good to take additional loans to fuel it before it falls.

Poor Customer Communications.

This is one of the main reasons many businesses do collapse. Listing to your customers about your goods or services is very vital. These are your customers and so give them what they want before you are ousted out of the market.

Making your business as the source of money.

Never under any circumstance take your business money for personal use. These are two different sectors and they should be treated differently if you don’t want your business to fail prematurely.

Reasons Why Most People Fear Online Jobs.

The good news is that technology is restoring the world. From how people live to the way they do their work. In recent years, online jobs have been increasing faster and replacing the manual jobs in the companies and offices.

This has convinced many people and some of them have started quitting their employment and starting to work for online jobs while others have made the online businesses their side hustles.

With that in mind, many people are still dubious about them. The list below analysis some other f the reasons why people don’t like online jobs.

They think online jobs are scams.

Many people don’t like online things because of the registration fee. Most of them think that the moment they would put their money there, the platform will become dormant or the men at the other side of the screen will stop answering to them and encloses their money.

The Power of poverty.

If your power of poverty is always stronger than the power of fortune, you will always be tempted to keep the little you have instead of investing it. Many people fail to discern that the best way of saving money is by investing it. That’s why you always see rich men and women within your village have many pieces of land and or many hers because that is where they save their money.

Past experiences.

One may lack interest in involving in online jobs because he or she was a victim of the past. But that doesn’t mean you should stop trying. I remember one day I was scammed $20 but within a month I got triple the money I had swindled. I do call it the power of trial and error methods.

Landing on the hands of wrong mentors.

If you ask for help from some people and instead of helping they discourage you probably because they don’t what to see you improving financially or because of any other reasons. Helping for any help from the people you trust is very good. Don’t just ask any individual you meet on the way to the market or church, the will end up killing your long-term motives.

Bottom line.

Online jobs are there and many people are making millions out of them. Although not all are genuine, it’s good to ask your friends to help you find the good one if you can’t use trial and error methods.

Things To Consider Before Siting A Business.

You can’t wake up one morning and start a business because you have money. There are many characteristics you should evaluate apart from capital. The thing to analyze depends wholly on the type of firm you aspire to launch.

The location of your firm.

You should consider the distance from where the materials will be coming from or the distance from your firm to where your target customers are. Make sure you forgo the expensive one. For example, if getting the raw materials will be very expensive, make sure you site your business close to them.

Government policies.

The government may give directives that, certain businesses not to be placed on a certain area may be to control the distribution of resource or pollution. If this is the case, then move away from that place.

Target customers.

You can’t start a glutton butchery in an Islamic area for the obvious reason that Islams don’t consume pig flesh. Setting your business close to the target customers can reduce the cost of transporting your goods to them.

Government incentives.

The government can decide to reduce the cost of starting a business in a certain region. This can be done by reducing the amount of tax collected from those places or reduce the cost of acquiring the land from those places. Running for those places can reduce the cost of sitting or running your business.


This is one of the most crucial factors to consider if you want your business to blossom well. Areas prone to theft, flooding, etc are not conducive for starting any business.


Infrastructure entails good transport and communication systems, healthy camps, power supply among others. For example, you can’t start a welding business in a place with no electricity or launch a business selling perishable goods in a place with a very poor transport system.

Thank you for reading my article, comment, and share to benefit others.

Jobs You Can Start With Little Or No Capital.

The economy of every country is becoming harsher every day. Thus many people remain unemployed despite having the required certificates and skills. If you are in this situation, don’t panic. I’m going to take you through some businesses you can start with almost nothing and still beat that financial crisis you have so far.

Start blogging.

This is an online business that is steadily expanding. What you need to start blogging is just that smartphone you are using, a desktop, or a laptop. You can create your blog with WordPress or Blogger.

YouTube channel.

Using a smartphone phone with a good camera, you can start shooting videos and then post them to your youtube channel. You will start getting money after you reach a thousand views and above.

Graphic Designs.

Having a laptop or a desktop, you can start this business only if you have the skills of graphic design. There are many companies and websites which require a. Business logs and other designs but they lack an experienced individual who can do the work.

Assembling tutorials.

If you are smart in class, you can start collecting past papers and be using them to teach other students who are in lower classes.


If you have a camera or a phone with a good camera, you can start attending parties, ceremonies, or any other social gatherings and be taking photos and get paid by the owners.

Phones, laptops, and desktop repairs.

If you have ideas of how to repair these gadgets, you can site your business close to learning institutions like universities or colleges because many students tend to own these gadgets.

Poultry keeping.

If within your home compound there is enough space, you can build a poultry cage and start keeping your chickens there. As a startup, you can buy from ten to forty chickens and allow them to multiply. Within five months, you would have gotten enough of them and commenced getting money.

Building website.

Nowadays, every business and organization needs a website to be communicating with their customers and selling their goods or services. Having good knowledge of how to make a good website can guarantee you good sums of money. What you need to start this online business is a laptop and a source of the Internet.

Thank you so much for reading this article.

Good Businesses You Can Start With Little Capital.

There are many people who have degree, diploma or certificate and still looking for an employment all over the country. But the fact is, there are very few jobs as compared with many students graduating each year. With these in mind, it’s very good to start looking for other other businesses which you can start very low capital and still make very good income as you waiting to get employed. In this article, I’m going to take you through many businesses you can start with as allow as ksh20,000 and still make huge income.

Selling of second hand clothes a.k.a mitumba.

Selling of mitumba clothes is one of the good businesses in the country. With as little as 10,000 you can start this business. What you need is to look for a good place where you will site your business. Many people buy Mitumba clothes from Gikomba or muthurwa in Nairobi and take them to their business. Ensure you buy more of women clothes because they are the most in demand.

Start a poultry farming.

Poultry keeping especially kienyeji ones are always in demand. A mature kienyeji chicken can cost up to ksh1,000. You can start buying chickens at around ksh500 in the village and selling them at 1,000 in hotels and restaurants. Imagine getting ten chickens every day, you will be taking home at around ksh5000 every day.

Start farming.

If you have a minimum of a acre of land, don’t waste your time writing CVs and cover letters to people who will never read them. Instead, use that time to prepare your land as you wait for the rain. Planting, maize, kales, potatoes, tomatoes, etc can assure you good income. Example is planting maize in a acre of the land. You will need a maximum of 10,000 to start this. A bag of maize costs around ksh4,000. Harvesting 30 bags of maize will give you around ksh120,000. So, you will get around ksh100,000 in three months when investing in maize farming.

Starting of cereal business.

Everyone wants to eat every time. This means cereal business is very marketable in country. Choosing a good place to start your business and then start selling cereals like maize, beans, njahi, sorghum, etc can give you a lucrative income. With a minimum of ksh20,000, you can start cereal business and then expand it later.

Starting of kinyonzi or salon business.

With as little as ksh20,000, you can start this business and be shaving men and school students. At peak times, you are assured of ksh1,000 a day.

Having a PlayStation.

With as little as ksh30,000 you can start this business. What you need is to look for a busy place and site your business there.

Selling of electronics.

Electronic shops are growing faster than before due their good income. Selling things like memory cards, phones, radios, TVs, etc. Imagine buying a smartphone at around ksh700 and then sell it at about ksh1,500. You can start this business with as little as ksh50,000.

Photocopying, printing, scanning.

If you stay around the school you can start this business. Many schools don’t have these machines while others don’t allow their students to use them. Getting a place around the school and start this business can guarantee you a good income. What you need are just a laptop or a desktop and a printer and then you are ready to commence.

Best Things To Do With Your First Salary.

If you have graduated from the University or college and by good luck you got employed, there are some things you should consider doing immediately you receive your first salary.

If you are stuck on what you should start with and which should come later, this article is for you.

The first thing you should start immediately is saving. Saving a portion of your monthly payments will give you a financial security. For example, if your employment is affected by some factors like what happened when coronavirus engulfed the world in the year 2020, many people lost their jobs while other had their salaries slashed to an extent that they could not satisfy their basic needs. Only those who had saved some money never got the financial strain even if their salary was dedicated.

Buying of house equipment. As days end and months approach, the cost of living becomes more harder and the goods rise in price. Buying house furnishings early enough reduces you the high expenses which will occur at the future.

Starting of personal business. There is nothing good than being your own boss. Starting your own business with your first salary sounds difficult but having one you are assured of future financial security. You can decide to employ someone or allow your spouse to manage it for you and be paying them.

Building a permanent house. Having somewhere you can call your home for men is termed as an achievement. If you are not thinking of migrating in the future, it is very good to build a permanent house early enough if you have some capital. This is because waiting for so long can give you some financial problems if it happens that you will be paying for the school fees and other expenses which will accompany if you would be having a family.

These are just a few of many things thing you should consider doing with the first salary. Thank you for reading.

Best Online Jobs You Can Do At The Comfort Of Your Home

PHOTO Google Courtesy.

Online jobs were considered part-time jobs but recently, many people have taken this as a serious source of income. Some of them have resigned from their employments and adopted online jobs. Many people think that one can’t be rich by working online but the truth is that you can get up to nine digits while working online. What it requires is passion and hard work just like any other job.

There are many online jobs that people can adapt to and make a very good income.

Creating a YouTube channel.

If you like making videos, this job is good for you. This is where you entertain people by creating funny things and posting on your youtube channel. From dancing, cooks, toons, etc.

Creating a blog.

A blog is a kind of website where you write anything you want and post it for the people to read. You can then monetize your blog with Google Adsense and start making money. The good thing with blogging is that you are never controlled by what to write. Many people depend on their blogs for a living. Although it doesn’t start giving money immediately, it usually pays well.

Become a tutor.

This is simply teaching online. Creating online classes where you can teach people on certain books, topics. If you are doing well in school, you can go ahead and build a WhatsApp group where you will be teaching your fellow students and in the end pay you. Find tutor jobs in, Wyzant, etc.


Due to the changing technology, there is a very high demand for freelancers all over the world. Many companies need to build a good relationship with their clients. They do so by providing quality information. That’s where the need for a freelancer comes in. You write and get paid. Find the jobs in;, Guru, I write, write, etc.

Resume writing.

The fact is many people do not know how to write resumes. If you are good at writing, you help those people to make their CV shine in the eyes of the employers, and in the end, they pay you. Find the job in Resume edge.

Things I Learned From The Year 2020.

When you hear about 2020, what comes to your mind? Covid-19 pandemic? Very true. Now, with that in mind, future optimistic people should have learned a very big lesson from it.

First, with an aid of Covid-19, the year 2020 taught me how to use my money wisely. Avoiding too much luxury if the income is very low and living within my standards. Don’t take a loan to buy a smart television or build a good house as this may lead to financial crises.

I learned the importance of saving immediately I have some income. In other words, you don’t know what tomorrow brings. A disaster, a pandemic, an accident, etc. Save early enough and when these things happen, they will find you financially stable.

Never depend on only one source of income. From the fact that when the coronavirus engulfed the Nation, many people lost their jobs and others got their salary slashed to an extent that, they could not meet their daily basic requirements. Always ensure you have a side hustle apart from your full employment. This will give you financial security when your employer fires you or when the business collapses.

Be flexible. Being able to adapt to new changes and following the new rules and regulations laid down by your leaders. For example, the WHO gave rules that all the people should wash their hands more often and wear their face masks to prevent themselves from contracting Covid-19 infection. A good person should be flexible enough to follow these new rules to be safe from Covid-19 infections.

Other rules were like following lockdown rules and curfew hours as directed by the State.

Be more concerned with your health status. Indeed, many people who had other health conditions were the most killed by the coronavirus disease. Visiting the hospital frequently to be screened for any health problems and dealing with the disease immediately is very important.

Thank you for reading my article.

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