The Key Differences Between And

Many people and especially newbies doesn’t know if these are two and different sites and end up making a wrong decision when creating their blogs. is the oldest site which offers all the blogging applications at one position. Creating your blog in gives you the whole ability to entirely managed your blog.

In, your blog is not entirely owned by you and therefore you are very limited to control what happens within your blog. Unlike in which is free, in, you are required to upgrade to paid plans so as to be able to unlock many site tools and to monetize your blog. will host your site and do all the work for you while in you are responsible for your blog site. is for users who are okay with what is provided for them by the management while in you are responsible for all the management of your blog.

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How To Make Money With Your Blog For beginners.

Blogging is no longer taken as a leisure activity. Many people have started working as bloggers and are earning six or nine digits salary from it per month.

To get a blog is never as hard as before. You can create a blog with minutes and be able to publish your first article. Blogger or WordPress is there to help you get started.

After creating your blog and publishing some posts, you can now start looking for some ways on which you can start earning money.

This article gives some and the most used methods of earning money as a beginner.

Sell Your Items Online.

You can use your blog to promote your hustle online. For example, if you know how to print t-shirts, build logs, etc, you can now sell your brads online because, at this time, you already have some traffic.

Build Website online.

Many people and businesses need websites to help them reach more customers. Now that you have a blog, you must have some skills to build great websites or blogs and sell them to other people.

Selling digital products.

You can use your blog to create ebooks about a particular niche and sell them to your customers.


This involves selling other people’s products. The people or the company can pay you per 1000 impressions or click.

Affiliate Marketing.

This is using links in your blog. When people click the link, they are directed to a company with which you have collaborated with. You are always paid on commission when people click on your link and buys the product from the company.

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Best Profitable Blog Niches With Low Competition.

Yes, there are many blog niches to work with. Only that some have high competition and others low competitions. Other blog niches can make huge money while others have low profits.

So, as a beginner, you need to first look for a good blog domain, host it, find a great logo mount it, search for a better blogging site, install it, and then, the time for searching for a better niche.

This is always the best challenging part for newbies, mostly those who are after making money faster from their blogs. Millions of blog niches are there to be used and up to date, some of them are not still touched.

Things to consider before choosing a blog niche.

1. Your hobbies. A hobby is what you like to do in your free time. Yes, using your hobby as your blog niche will keep you stimulated to blog now and then.

2. What your family or friends likes to do. Your family and friends can be the main source of blogging ideas. If your family and friends like politics, it means a large number of people also like it, then take that as your blogging niche.

3. What is likely to bring long term ideas or services? Some niches will indeed exist for a short the while others are possibly permanent. Choose what looks like to exist for a long time.

Profitable Blog niches with low competition.

1. Finance. Money is there to stay and thus Blogging about finance guarantees you long term ideas and hence high profits.

2. Foods. Everyone eats and people will always look for better ideas and updated methods of cooking foods. Being in the front row of updating people on how to make better and delicious food guarantees you a better capital.

3. Adventure and travel. People like traveling to new places t may be to see good or strange things. If you like traveling, this may be a better blogging niche for you.

4. Business and Technology. These two fields are growing faster than before. Technology has made online businesses and stores take their roots into people’s minds. Advising people on how to market their goods or services online will give you a long term service.

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Best Blogging Niches, Tips For Beginners.

Blogging has become one of the best sources of employment for youths. Most people have abandoned their employment and started their blogging career.

To start blogging, you need first to look for a good domain name. The domain should be as short as possible like,, etc. Name cheap charges around $8 per month.

Get the best hosting company. Blue host charges around $2 per month.

Get the best blogging site. The current and the best blogging site for beginners is It has the simplest procedures for creating and maintaining your site.

Best blogging niches for beginners.

Food blog. Everyone needs to eat. Starting a blog niche that gives recipes and procedures for cooking tasty foods can give you good traffic.

Blogging blog. Blogging itself is a good niche. Creating a blog for guiding beginners on how to be a successful blogger will pay you well.

Business. The business niche is also nice. Many people are searching for new methods on how to boost their sales or attract more customers. Blogging about business ideas, business plans, etc will pay you well.

Fastest Growing Online Businesses.

With the rise of the Internet and social media, the world has been made a small market where people can interact voluntarily from continent to continent.

Many business people have taken this great opportunity to promote their businesses while others have got employment through the same internet.

Many online businesses have been favored by great business technology.

1. E-commerce. With the rise of e-commerce, people don’t need to walk from one store to another looking for goods to buy. They only need to search for a website which deals with online selling and make an order of what you have selected. The goods ordered can be derived to your doorstep within a few days. Some online stores which are doing e-commerce are Amazon, Jumia, etc.

2. Gambling. Gambling is very famous in the western world. Some gambling sites may include football betting platforms like sportpesa, odd bet, Casino, etc.

3. Online money renting platforms. These are platforms that give money to the people and the clients return it with a little attached interest. Here, you need to fill in your details online and if you get approved, you start getting loans under the set rules and regulations of the company.

4. Marketing. This involves selling your goods on the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. This involves taking a photo of your goods you want to sell and upload it to social media for clients to see and if they get interested, they order for it. It can also entail placing an ad in between your articles or videos and if people click on them you get paid. This is a kind of advertisement.

Effects of a side hustle.

A side hustle is a kind of job which you can start or run while you are employed in another organization or industry.

There are many benefits of starting or owning a side whistle. This article illustrates some of the benefits of owning a side job.

1. It helps you to grow your income. Apart from the total salary you get from your boss, the side hustle job guarantees you an extra income into your pocket.

2. It helps you to circulated your income. If your boss pays you at the end of the month and the portion of that salary invest into your job, that is the circulation of the income.

3. Helps you to grow your managerial skills. If you launch a side hustle and start running it, your managerial skills increased. This helps you to develop your business.

In the end, you end up becoming richer. You cannot become rich as your boss if you continue depending on your boss’s salary only.

How To Become Rich Before 30s.

Becoming rich is everyone’s future dream but you can not get rich without working hard and having set goals to accomplish.

In this article, I am going to show you different methodologies that you can follow to sure you own that luxury car or beautiful house you are thinking to own in the future.

First, make sure you hustle hard. There are many jobs you can do and guarantee you a good income. These may be online or offline jobs. The online jobs may include blogging, affiliation, creating youtube videos, etc. On the other hand, offline jobs may include, crop farming, cattle keeping, chicken rearing, mechanic, engineering, etc.

Stop lavish living. The best time to invest is when you are youthful. Below the 30s, make sure you limit your spending as you double your investing. Overspending in bars and clubs or buying things which are not of much importance should be avoided.

Saving while young is also good. Make sure you continuously save a portion of your income no matter how little it is. You can use these savings at times of emergency or older age.

Train yourself on how to wake up early. The money or the kind of life you are dreaming of will never come as a miracle. Wake up early and start boosting your hustle.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Best Online Jobs 2021

Yes, blogging gives a blogger the authority or freedom to write what he or she feels best in. This freedom makes bloggers be tempted to cheat on their articles may be by plagiarism; copy-pasting other people’s work.

Most of them do these maybe because of laziness or their desire to start getting money immediately.

For a blogger to stay motivated, they should wisely choose a niche which they will be okay doing and they will never be depleted of the content.

As a blogger, you should also make sure you don’t use other people’s photos or videos in your articles as these will also be termed plagiarism. You can use other platforms like a canva to create or edit your photos

To be on the better side, make sure you are not forced by the desire to get money faster. Blogging is a long-term journey and it can take a long time before getting your first cent from it.

Legitimate Online Jobs To Do With My Phone.

There are very many legitimate online jobs that you can invest your time in and end up getting much more money. Some of them are very simple and do not require any registration fee.

To start with, some of these platforms require to have a Pay Pal, bank account, and some require a registered phone number that can receive money.

To work with these platforms, you need to have an Internet and a smartphone with good speed.

Some of the businesses that you can work with your smartphone are as analysed below.

Selling of things.

If you have a business that sells things like furniture, electronic, etc, you can start taking their pictures and upload them online in order to get more customers. You can use platforms like Jiji which allows people to buy and sell things online.

In Jiji, you need to upload a picture of your goods together with your contacts or addresses.

Watching videos online.

Some platforms allows people to watch videos online and at the end get some gift cards, points, or real money.

Videos may be in form of advertiments or from youtube. You can try your luck in Swagbacks, Fronto, etc.


Due to high competition in the market, many companies have come up with different techniques of defeating their competitors. This involves advertising their products online and operating online stores where their clients can do order online and get their goods derived to them.

For these to happen, these companies need competent writers who can deliver the required message to the target clients. Get a job in,,, etc.

Online Survey.

Some platforms pay people for just answering some simple questions about or tasting some online stuff and give them feedback before they are released to the public. Get the job on Opinion Space, InboxDollars, etc.

Bottom line.

Make sure you do thorough research before investing your time and money in any platform to avoid being scammed.

Most Treding Online Businesses In 2021

Online businesses are replacing the white color jobs in offices and companies. Many youths have started to find their employment on online platformsThere are many online platforms where people can work and reap much wealth like those working in offices and government parastatals.Some of many online businesses young people are familiarizing with include and not limited to;1. Blogging. We can’t talk of online jobs without mentioning blogging. In the blog, a person gets the full authority to do what he or she feels very good for them. What you need to do is to choose the best niche where you will never run out of the counted.2. Freelancing. I’ve seen many people getting millions of dollars while working as a freelance. Here, what you require is just good English, a laptop or desktop, and a source of data. You get hired by industries to write on their websites may be to advertise their products while convincing people to attract more clients for the company.3. YouTuber. This is where people create their YouTube channel and start uploading their videos. As the number of viewers increases in your channel, the more money you get paid. What you need is just a good camera for shooting the videos.Graphic Designer. This job entails creating logs for companies and the institutions and get paid back some money as Per the agreement.Affiliation. This is advertising goods and services on behalf of the company and get paid the commission if a client buys a product through you. This is popularly done by Amazon and Jumia.

Best Side Hustle Jobs For Fully Employed people.

Most fully employed people do face a huge problem on what other jobs they can start and make their capital blossom.

Starting a blog.

Blogging is very good for people who want the freedom to write what they want anytime they want. With a blog, you can write on any niche of your interest or use it for affiliate jobs and be getting a commission for every good bought through you.

Freelancing jobs.

Getting a freelance job is very good because you can be working on it at night when you are free. In some circumstances, you can get long term employment where you will be given a certain topic to write on and after completion, you get paid your salary.

Creating a Tutor channel.

If you are good at teaching, you can start an online teaching channel and be coaching on your preferred ping or program.


If you have your business that produces or sells goods, you can create an online store where you can advertise your commodities and reach many customers.

Best Places For Keeping Your Money.

Putting your money in a secured place guarantees you a future security. But do you know that the best way of storing your money is by investing it?

Someone asked me” what is the purpose of banks if not for storing money?” The truth is, banks are for helping people to transact with their customers efficiently. They help business people to circulate their income.

Now, one way of storing money is by renting to other business men. At the end of refunding, they return with a small attached interests. By this way, your money continues to grow.

Investing in another business. You can use your money to start a site hustle and hire someone to run for it and at the end of the day you make your capital circulate as it increases.

Building of rental houses. Due to high number of urbanization, there is a high demand for vacant houses. Building permanent houses guarantees you a long term income.

Buying of long term assets. This materials are easily converted to money when an urgent need arises (eg) buying of land.

Last but not least, give tithes and donations to churches. Invest in your God and he will never let you down.

Best Sites To Build A Blog For Beginners 2021.

Have you ever heard of blogging or thought of owning a blog? Please Don’t Panic. In this article, I have organized all the best sites, their advantages, and their shortcomings.

First, you have o know the importance of owning a blog. A blog will help you to express your ideal, enjoy your leisure more so if you like writing, keep your important information and at the end of the day, you will be able to make some cash.

What is the difference between a blog and a website? There is no much difference between the two of them. A blog is a personal website where the owner puts down his/her favorite information, or ideas while a website is for big organizations and companies.

There are many sites over the Internet which do offer the services of the blog. Some are genuine while others are scams. The best way for a beginner to get a genuine platform to build a blog is to consult with other people who already have a blog and some experiences.


This is a platform where you can build a blog. It has both free and paid services. Blogger is very good for beginners because it has fewer and non-complicated procedures that a beginner can understand more easily.

Blogger Is very good for people who want to blog for money.


WordPress is a huge platform. It has many built-up tools and it may be very complicated for a beginner. This media is mainly used by organizations that have much data or busy private owners.

A blog once builds using WordPress, allows you to enjoy your blogging arena because of its improved tools.

Bottom line.

There are many things you can do using a blog from selling online, being an affiliate, building and selling eBooks, etc.

If you wish to be successful in blogging, don’t focus on making money. A blog for fun and money will come later.

How you can be a millionaire in less than 10 years

How you can be a millionaire in less than 10 years Download Now

Save a portion of what you earn per day or per month.

Invest your income by creating a side hustle. This maybe online businesses or developing some kind of business around your home like farming crops or rearing of chickens.

Stop being idol but instead, look for something to do which at the end of the day will bring some money into your pocket.

How To Succeed In Your Small Business.

Starting a business is very good if you have capital to invest. This doesn’t mean you have to invest your $10,000 or to have high stock.

If you wish to start a business in the future, you must read this article and make sure you understand it very clearly.

First, make sure you invest the money which you can be okay if you lose. Don’t put all of your money into a new business because not every business is always worthy to blossom.

Start a business that you have an idea about it. But if you know of a profitable business and you have no knowledge of it, you can hire a person who knows more about it and most importantly, a trustworthy person.

Start a business that you can control. If you don’t have enough managerial skills about a business you wish to start, it’s important to start with small stock and then grow as you gain more skills.

Start with what you have. For example, if you have money to buy the stock but you don’t have the vehicle, don’t wait until you own that vehicle so that you can launch your business.

Change your attitude. Self-trust is very good. You should not be held back by the thinking that, you can’t start a business.

Bottom line.

If you have money, the only barrier to own a business is just you. Take courage, acquire a place, and kickstart the freedom of being your boss.

Signs That you may Remain Poor In your Life

Signs That you may Remain Poor In your Life Download Now

This article takes you through some things which can make you poor any time soon.

No one dreams to stay poor in life but some behaviors and lifestyles can affect one largely to an extent that they end up bankrupt.

Accumulating debts. Filling many debts together thinking you will pay for them later can affect can affect your finance. It’s good to pay the debts as soon as they occur.

Buying unnecessary things. Show off is very bad. Buying expensive cars, a home theater, or a big smart tv to show to your friends is a wastage of money keeping in mind that the things you buy will never bring back any money you had spent.

Taking pity loans. When having a little emergency, stop rush for bank loans but instead, choose to acquire from your family and friends. This will be somehow cheap as there will be no interest rates attached.

Spenting more money than what you receive.

Wondering where to get money to start your business? try these methods

Wondering where to get money to start your business? try these methods Comments: what about you can also connect with me … see more Download Now

Best Business Ideas To Help You Grow Faster.

After following all the necessary steps required to launch your business, now it’s time to manage it. If you don’t manage your business well, it’s more likely to collapse and make you suffer more losses.

Most people tend to underestimate small businesses and fail to follow the right procedures necessary for the business to thrive well.

In this article, I’m going to give you the best business ideas which you can employ in business and watch them blossom faster than before.

Keep records.

Writing down what comes in or goes out of your business will help you to manage your stock and capital well. Keeping records of your debtors and creditors and their quantities will also help you to know the amount of cash flow in and out of your business.

Know your competitors.

Competitors are those people to who you offer the same goods or services. Noting how they do offer their services or the quality of their goods they sell out can help you improve to an extend of attracting their clients to you.

Listen to your customers.

For you to thrive well in doing business, you should be in a position to listen and do what your customers like, or else they will turn to other sellers.

Sacrificing yourself.

Opening your business once, twice, or thrice a week can make customers be bored of you. If you know you can’t make it throughout the week, it’s very good to be looking for someone and be paying him or her little cash.